Welcome to Gimp.cc another alternative website for downloading GNU Image Manipulation Program for Windows, Linux, and MacOs. This website developed by web design professionals who actually use GIMP in their day to day tasks.

GIMP is a short form for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely shared program for such tasks as photo image composition, retouching, and image authoring. Our team has done all research about anyone except the actual owners can distribute this software. We found all our answers and decided to distribute and promote this software all over the internet and describe all it’s benefits to users who actually work on photo manipulation. Our work is to show them how GIMP can be very useful as other premium photo editing software.

We are not affiliated with actual owners of the GIMP but we are giving all credits to actual developers and owners of the GNU Image Manipulation Program. We are distributing this software freely all over the internet. We are so impressed by GIMP software that it is providing such tools that you will not actually find in any free version of photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. All premium tools which photoshop provides are available in GIMP.